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As a Certified Wellness Professional, Rebecca has worked with individuals from a variety of backgrounds seeking support for stress management, self care and holistic health challenges including mental health support. Rebecca is thrilled to be offering Mental Health First Aid training to individuals, groups, communities and workplaces. 

This training is intended for adults interacting with adults (18 years and older) and is designed to help people feel more resourced when facing mental health and/or substance use problems in themselves or others.

This course empowers people to talk more openly about mental health problems and learn how to navigate challenging circumstances or crisis until more help can be found.

Somatic Stress Release 3 week virtual session

3 Sundays April 21st - May 5th
10 - 12 pm 

Our natural state is one of flow but our relationship to stress can lead to our inability to feel relaxed and free. In this 5 week in person session we will dip our toes into the practice of moving through a stress release cycle so we can feel more connected, curious and resourced when stress surfaces. We will utilize mindfulness, meditation and visualization practices as well as movement, fascia release and restorative yoga to find flow in the body and mind. 

Reiki Treatment


Traditionally, Usui REIKI is a Japanese practice of relaxation, shared meditation, light touch and intentional heart centered being. 
It is the art of deeply paying attention.
Evidence based research suggests reiki is effective in  supporting individuals to feel more connected, relaxed, and more able to move through their experiences. Reiki is also shown to help with pain management. It is often used in therapeutic settings for 
holistic wellness support and stress relief.



In person (small groups) - Edmonton, Alberta

Level 1

Level 2/3

Reiki Teacher/Shinpiden training

Your Instructor



One of the first healing modalities Rebecca was introduced to was Usui Reiki in 2005 in the Holistic Health Practitioner Program at MacEwan University and she was deeply inspired by her instructor Susanne Lerohl whom remains her mentor and guest instructor in Rebeccas Reiki trainings. Exploring the practice and philosophy of Reiki has supported Rebecca in navigating and understanding great personal loss, illness, addiction and her questioning of what healing, wellness and life are really about. Reiki has become a foundational practice for Rebecca and it continues to inform how she practices her other modalities. She is constantly in awe of how powerful the practice of sharing Reiki with oneself and others can be. Rebecca guides Reiki as a shared meditation practice and believes no matter ones spiritual belief or background everyone can benefit from this practice. Rebecca teaches Reiki as the art of paying attention, deep relaxation, shared meditation, connection and an exploration of what it means to practice the art of surrender in a trauma informed way.


LEVEL 1 Beginner

$315 includes tax

LEVEL 2/3 Advanced Practitioner 

$630 includes tax


Investment $1155 includes tax

(Repeat Reiki Shinpiden level students of Susanne & Rebecca qualify to attend for ½ price. Students may come from any school of Reiki as long as they can provide a class outline and certificate from previous practitioner level training)


All levels are open for private group bookings of 4 or more only at this time.

Please email or call 7809825885 to inquire about private group classes or fill out the form below.

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