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Consider booking a wellness session, group class or training with Rawholistic if you are interested in or would like to know more about...

  • Holistic Health

  • Mental health awareness & advocacy

  • Stress management 

  • Movement, mindfulness and meditation

  • Deepening connections to nature

  • Exploring restorative healing & resilience

  • Fostering creativity 

  • Understanding the mind body connection

  • Self care planning

  • Changemaking

  • Goal setting

  • Understanding energy

  • Moving through trauma, grief & loss

  • Recovery

  • Finding community resources to compliment self care plans

  • Referring alternative & complementary practitioners and practices to best meet your needs

I would love to help you figure out where to begin. I offer FREE virtual coffee calls to individuals, groups and workplaces who are new to Rawholistic and would like to chat before booking a session, class or training.

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My intention is to meet individuals where they are and support them to feel more resilient, inspired, empowered, connected and free. 

Sharing culturally responsive holistic self care  practices, I hope to invite relaxed states of being reflecting your own unique wellness journey and way of being in the world.

From this footing I hope to inspire the enjoyment of life, resilience through change and the ability to create meaning from our experiences. 

Sincerely, Rebecca


Rawholistic health and wellness services was established in 2008 by Holistic Health Practitioner and instructor Rebecca (Wollenberg) Hung. Her vision was formed by her personal experiences moving through great loss, mental health challenges, physical illness, addiction and her questioning of what healing, health and wellness really mean. Rebecca has led groups of high risk youth, recovering adults, LGBTQ2+ communities, school groups, holistic practitioners and business professionals in creative wellness classes, workshops and trainings.

Rebecca holds a passion for leading yoga, meditation, movement, art therapy, relaxation & stress management practices with all kinds of groups. She holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Human Services Administration, is certified as a CMHA Psychological Health & Safety Advisor and a Mental Health First Aid facilitator. Rebecca has over 16 years of combined experience working closely within her industry of self care and personal service to provide simple yet powerful practices to support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being and continues her studies in the healing arts. Her work is trauma informed and designed to be accessible through a sliding scale fee structure. Alongside her facilitation work, Rebecca works with organizations to implement wellness initiatives, design wellness program plans unique to stakeholder needs and create strategic plans for implementing the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.

Rebecca often works with other holistic practitioners in collaboration and community to facilitate classes, workshop and offerings.

  • Applied Human Service Administration Degree 
  • Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Grant MacEwan College
  • Certified Wellness Practitioner with the National Wellness Institute
  • CMHA Psychological Health & Safety Advisor Certification (Canadian Mental Health Association)
  • Mental Health First Aid Course Facilitator (Mental Health Commission of Canada)
  • Integrative Trauma and Attachment Model (ITATM) 4 day Training
  • Brain Story Certification (Alberta Family Wellness)
  • Somatic Stress Release Practitioner (In progress)
  • Reiki Master Shinpiden level Certification
  • Reflexology Practitioner Certification
  • Neurolinguistic Practitioner Certification
  • 500 Hour Yoga Instructor Certification/YAA recognized
  • 200 Hour Meditation Instructor Certification
  • Healthcare Provider (BLS) Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED & First Aid
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​Rawholistic Health and Wellness Services

 Ethical Code of Conduct

All practitioners of Rawholistic commit to practicing:


To do one’s job honestly while aiming to live in alignment with the practices and philosophy we teach and share.


To be transparent and freely share information regarding what to expect and ensure participants understand any risks or considerations involved with their session or class prior to commencing with any intake process, private session or group class.


To take responsibility for promoting evidence based and safe practice and working within our scope of training for our service delivery. To advocate for wellness equality and offer reparations for marginalized and oppressed groups in the form of scholarships and community support.


To ensure we are delivering beneficial services and doing our best to offer accessible, inclusive and considerate options for all individuals to experience our services.


To offer sliding scales whenever possible for individuals who may experience financial barriers accessing services and continuously do our best to work towards creating healthier communities.

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