The intention is to meet individuals where they are and support them to feel more resilient, inspired, empowered, connected and free. 


Shared holistic practices invite relaxed states of being reflecting ones own unique wellness journey and way of being in the world.

With this footing, individuals and groups can develop self care strategies and build supportive community both of which are central to this vision and mission.

About Rebecca

Rawholistic health and wellness services was established in 2008 by Holistic Health Practitioner and instructor Rebecca (Wollenberg) Hung. Her vision was formed by her personal experiences moving through great loss, mental and physical illness, addiction and her questioning of what healing, health and wellness really mean. She is a Grant MacEwan University graduate of the Holistic Health Practitioner diploma program and has worked in the service industry her entire life as a journeyman. Rebecca has an additional 700 hours combined experience studying as a yoga and meditation instructor with training from Yoga Within, Lifestyle Meditation, and the Mindfulness Institute. She is a certified reflexology, reiki, NLP, yoga and meditation facilitator. Rebecca has led groups of high risk youth, recovering adults, LGBTQ2+ communities, school groups, holistic practitioners and business professionals in creative wellness classes and workshops. She is currently completing her undergrad degree in Applied Human Services Administration at MacEwan University and continues her studies in the healing arts. 

Rebecca holds a passion for leading yoga, meditation, movement, art therapy, relaxation & stress management practices with all kinds of groups. She has over 16 years of combined experience working closely within her industry of self care and personal service to provide simple yet powerful practices to support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

Endless gratitude to some of her influential direct teachers over the years: Susanne Lehrol, Dorothy Hermery, Cheryanne Hoffmeyer, Melanie Chicknita, Gerda Krebs, Friedel Khattab, Giselle Cramer, Aadil Palkhilva, Seema Sharma and Mandy Trapp. Special gratitude to the knowledge keepers of Rebecca's practiced modalities and practice lineages; Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mikao Usui, and B.K.S Iyenger. As well to clients, friends and family for continually being inspiring reflections and expressions of being.

Rebecca may be able to support you in the following ways:

  • Developing resilience mindset

  • Stress management

  • Fostering creativity 

  • Understanding the mind body connection

  • Mental health awareness & advocacy

  • Self care planning

  • Changemaking

  • Goal setting

  • Exploring nutrition 

  • Spirituality

  • Practicing mindfulness

  • Understanding energy

  • Moving through grief & loss

  • Recovery

  • Referring alternative & complementary practitioners and practices to best meet your needs


Rebecca Hung

Edmonton, Alberta




Tel: 780-982-5885

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Session availability

Saturdays 3pm - 6pm

​​Sundays: 9am - 3pm

​Mondays: 12pm - 5pm


Class availability is always shifting and day/time requests are possible with advanced notice for both individuals and groups.

All other group sessions (online and in person) will be offered with lots of notice with link to register! 

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