Traditionally, Usui REIKI is a Japanese practice of relaxation, shared meditation, light touch and intentional heart centered being. 
It is the art of deeply paying attention.
Evidence based research suggests reiki is effective in  supporting individuals to feel more connected, relaxed, and more able to move through their experiences. Reiki is also shown to help with pain management. It is often used in therapeutic settings for 
holistic wellness support and stress relief.  



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One of the first healing modalities Rebecca was introduced to was Usui Reiki in 2005 in the Holistic Health Practitioner Program and she was deeply inspired by her instructor Susanne Lerohl whom she has worked with since then and now teaches alongside. Exploring the practice and philosophy of Reiki has supported Rebecca in navigating and understanding great personal loss, illness, addiction and her questioning of what healing, wellness and life are really

about. Reiki has become a foundational practice for Rebecca and it continues to inform how she practices her other modalities of yoga, meditation and reflexology. She is constantly in awe of how powerful the practice of sharing Reiki with oneself and others can be. Rebecca guides Reiki as a shared meditation practice and believes no matter ones spiritual belief or background everyone can benefit from this practice. Rebecca experiences Reiki as the art of paying attention, deep relaxation, shared meditation, connection and an exploration of what it means to practice surrender in a trauma informed way.


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Susanne was first introduced to Reiki by Gail Ward in 2000 at MacEwan University, where she graduated from the Holistic Health Practitioner Program. Reiki quickly became both her passion and strength, guiding her on a sacred and beloved journey into the art of mindfulness and shared meditation. Susanne travelled to Japan – the birthplace of Reiki – to gain greater understanding of Japanese culture. While in Japan, Susanne had the honour of studying under Hyakuten Inamoto, a renowned Japanese

Master and Buddhist Monk. Through this teaching, Susanne came to appreciate the

differences between Eastern and Western styles of Reiki. Susanne was privileged to

teach Reiki in the Holistic Health Practitioner Program at MacEwan from 2005 to 2014.

As an instructor, Susanne collected knowledge regarding the researched benefits of

Reiki and meditation, which continues to expand with her personal practice and the

shared experiences of Reiki with students and associates. Reiki continues to deepen

people’s meditation practice and support people’s ability to connect with others.

Susanne genuinely hopes you’ll fall in love with Reiki too.

LEVEL 1 Beginner- Jan 29 - Feb 13

$315 includes tax


Sat Jan 29 1-4 Sun Jan 30 9-1 Sat Feb 12 1-4 Sun Feb 13 9-1

In person

@ YogaWithin

LEVEL 2/3 Practitioner - Spring 2022

$630 includes tax


Sat April 30 1-5 Sun May 1 9-1 Sat May 14 1-5 Sun May 15 9-1pm

Sat May 29 9-1

Please email or call 7809825885 to register



$1155 includes tax

Dates/Times: TBA

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VIRTUAL Meditation & Paint Nights

Join established local Edmonton artist Aynsley Nisbet @aynsleynisbetart & holistic health practitioner Rebecca Hung as they collaborate their offerings to weave together the art of painting and the art of meditation into one seamless event sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Upcoming events are listed below just follow the link to register yourself and others. 

Don't see an event theme or date that works for you? 

Contact Rebecca to schedule a private event for your group! 

$42 per household

$10.50 for each extra painter who needs supplies

Discount of $10.50 if you have your own supplies: Use code NOSUPPLIESNEEDED