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About the 

First of all, THANK YOU for your interest in partnering with us for this one of a kind event designed JUST for beauty and wellness professionals. Take a look at the opportunities to connect with our attendees and be one of the leaders representing the best of the best wellness inspired products & services at the Beauty in Wellness Retreat 2023!


The WHY of the 
Beauty in Wellness Retreat

To inspire and nurture personal service providers, artists and creators by immersing them in the beauty of nature, surrounded by the magic of connection and led into deeper self care creating an aligned, in flow and successful state of mind, body and spirit.

Where does your organization fit in?

What is YOUR WHY?

To align with this event means to set your organization apart as a leader in wellness within the beauty industry. Lets reshape the narrative and remind personal service providers and industry professionals that caring for themselves and the world around them in holistic ways is just as meaningful and important as the guests we care for so beautifully each day.

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