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Wellness Coach

Rawholistic Health and Wellness Services

 Ethical Code of Conduct

All practitioners of Rawholistic commit to practicing:


To do one’s job honestly while aiming to live in alignment with the practices and philosophy we teach and share.


To be transparent and freely share information regarding what to expect and ensure participants understand any risks or considerations involved with their session or class prior to commencing with any intake process, private session or group class.


To take responsibility for promoting evidence based and safe practice and working within our scope of training for our service delivery. To advocate for wellness equality and offer reparations for marginalized and oppressed groups in the form of scholarships and community support.


To ensure we are delivering beneficial services and doing our best to offer accessible, inclusive and considerate options for all individuals to experience our services.


To offer sliding scales whenever possible for individuals who may experience financial barriers accessing services and continuously do our best to work towards creating healthier communities.

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Distancing Measures & PPE

-Guests will be required to come to their appointment alone. If the appointment is for a child or spouse then 2 guests will be allowed at a time.

-All guests will be required to wait until the exact time of their appointment to enter the home studio to ensure other guests have left the space. Guests will be required to call or text before entering and receive confirmation that it is ok to enter.

-Masks are strongly recommended for all guests especially those who are high risk or in contact with high risk individuals. If you are receiving a face to face service (i.e.; reiki or reflexology) you will be expected to wear a mask UNLESS you choose to receive your service in in a prone position. If a guest forgets their mask, a mask will be provided on request for a small fee. Physical barriers are not possible in the studios setting.

-A mask will be worn by the service provider at all times.

-Hand sanitization will be required and provided at the start and end of each service. Cleaning

-All high touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between each appointment, as always. This includes bathroom, doorknobs, seats, work surfaces and light switches.

-Point of Sale machine will be disinfected between each appointment. Etransfer or tap is preferred payment. Screening for Symptoms

-Both service provider and guest may cancel an appointment without advanced notice if ANY indication of illness presents at any time.

-Guests will be required to review health survey questions via their confirmation email 24 hours before EVERY appointment.

Rights & Responsibilities

-It is the responsibility of service provider will take every precaution to keep guests safe. However, the services offered at Rawholistic: The studio are in close proximity. Physical distancing is not possible.

-It is the responsibility of the guest to respond to the questionnaire in the confirmation email 24 hours prior to appointment and to inform the service provider by text or phone call if any changes to health have surfaced within 24 hours prior to their appointment.

-It is the right of the guest to cancel any appointment they do not feel comfortable coming to because of changing circumstances, discomfort with protocol or simply a desire to maintain physical distancing practices. No questions asked.

-If the service provider should become ill, all guests seen 10 days prior will be promptly notified so they can self-monitor for symptoms.

-All guests are asked to notify the service provider should they become ill within 10 days of their last visit.

-It is the right of the service provider to deny service or entry into the home studio should the guests not comply with protocols.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

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